Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, March 7

Mattagami First Nation

  • Episode 9

In Mattagami, Chuck meets Betty Naveau, a community member who passionately shares knowledge and traditions with the younger generation. They take a trip to the woods to harvest medicinal plants and visit a hatchery that preserves the lake’s fish population. 
Lake Mattagami is the community’s pantry and it is crucial to take care of it. Chad Boissoneau, the community’s chief, had the idea to create a fish hatchery to preserve the fish population that feeds all community members. Chuck visits the hatchery where he learns how the female eggs and male sperm are brought together to make eggs and then are well kept in cylinders until they are released into the waters of the lake. 
Chuck follows Betty and some youngsters on a fishing trip where the kids are guided by Betty on how to set up nets. The fishing proves fruitful and it's followed by Betty’s lesson on how to clean and cook the fish. A delicious meal of fish and chips is accompanied by a sweet blueberry pudding.