Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, January 24


  • Episode 3

Chuck meets community member Lana Chevrier, a very talented Nishnaabe Kwe who runs a catering business that serves fish and specializes in wild meat and small game.
Lana’s daughter, Samantha Chevrier is visiting her mum and she is eager to show Chuck everything there is to know about trapping the wild white rabbit. 
Samantha and Chuck head to the nearby forest with their snowmobiles and she demonstrates how to build the perfect snare, using an extremely light and malleable gauge brass wire in order to trap these animals in the snow. The traps are set up and while they wait for them to perform their magic, they practice some ice fishing to add to their meal. 
The duo goes back to the traps where they meet Sky Fox, a family friend who makes an improvised basket out of tree branches. 
They head back to Lana’s backyard with a few preys as grandma is waiting for them to skin the rabbits. Grilled rabbit legs, fried fish battered in mustard and a sweet blueberry pudding make for the delicious feast that the family and Chuck enjoy outside.