Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, March 28

Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation

  • Episode 12

Chuck travels to the Prairies to hunt one of its most emblematic animals, the elk. 

He joins the Yuzicapi, a family who has been hunting elk for decades and has made it a tradition. 

It is early morning and Chuck and the brothers leave the base camp to enter the forest. They walk a few kilometers but there is no sign of elk footprints. Chuck learns fast that elk is one of the hardest animals to hunt. The men decide it is best to take a break and enjoy a wild mint tea concocted by Holly, the family’s younger sister. 

It is time to restock on energy before going back to hunt and the Yuzicapis prepare their famous elk burgers on an open fire. 

The Yuzicapis go for a final try and it is a success! They field dress the prey before taking it back to camp.