Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Thursday, September 10

Kitigan Zibi

  • Episode 1

Chuck is going to Kitigan Zibi, an Algonquin community, where he meets Cezin Nottaway. The sun is out and the weather is perfect for Chuck to learn how to tap maple. With their snowshoes tightened, they walk through the maple trees and look for the precious liquid that maples offer during the spring: maple water. Following Cezin’s advices, Chuck carefully boils the maple water until it reaches the perfect consistency for maple syrup. As an unexpected surprise, a young boy returns with a beaver he trapped himself. Chuck is delighted that he is about to learn how to cook beaver over a fire and finally discover the taste of a “real” beaver tail.

Chuck prepares a surprising beaver recipe.

Flowing maple water.

Maple water

Chuck is holding a recently hunted beaver alongside Cezin.

Beaver tail cooked in maple syrup.

Maple faffy on snow.

Family gathering for sharing meal.

Chuck and a young girl from the community smiling while enjoying maple taffy.