Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, February 14


  • Episode 6

Chuck visits Winnipeg, the largest urban Indigenous population in Canada and learns about Metis cuisine. In this city of contrasts, Chuck meets with passionate indigenous residents who help make this food desert a better place with the help of a community oven. 
Chuck meets Rachel Sansregret, executive officer of the Winnipeg Friendship Center, who takes Chuck on a walk through the neighborhood where it is obvious that the community, mostly Metis, needs help for a better quality of life. Chuck makes a stop at a local restaurant where he chats with Dean Herkert, a chef, who offers comfort food made with indigenous ingredients. He also meets Brandy Bobier who runs a community kitchen and who invites Chuck to cook in a very special place: the community oven. This colorful oven is located in a scenic park. 
They make a macaroni casserole, a typical Metis dish that they enjoy in this beautiful riverfront place.