Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Thursday, November 26


  • Episode 13

Chuck travels to Scotchfort, one of the three communities of the Abegweit First Nation on Prince Edward Island. Accompanied by Brezlyn, a young man who is very involved in his community, Chuck takes part in an eel fishing trip, the undisputed food of the Mi'kmaq diet. A big surprise awaits Chuck when he learns that a special guest is joining their nighttime outing on the water. Chuck also meets Junior Peter-Paul, a community elder with whom he has the chance to learn more about oysters as a delicious food that once contributed to the survival of the Mi'kmaq.

Chuck is interested in knowing more about the sweat lodge ritual.

Scotchfort, Abegweit First Nation

Apios americana

Potatoes harvest


Fresh oyser

Eel stew

Luskinikn - Bannock bread

From left to right: Chuck et Abegweit First Nations Chief Roderick Gould Jr.