Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, March 14


In Inukjuak, Chuck learns about seal hunting. This animal, along with caribou, is the main food resource in one of the largest communities in Nunavik. He meets Tommy Palliser, a great hunter and a member of the Unaaq’s Men Association where Elders share their knowledge with the younger generations. 
Tommy invites Chuck on his boat and they head two and a half hours away from Inukjuak for seal hunting. They start looking for black curved spots that leave a trail in the water, but time passes and there are no signs of seal anywhere. 
It is summer in Inukjuak but still very cold out in the water and the men decide it is time for a tea break to warm them out. 
Their guns are out and they keep looking but Tommy realizes it is time to give up on the seal. But this is a vast territory with many food resources and Tommy takes Chuck mussel harvesting along with a few tasty sea urchins. They head to the shore and have a delicious seafood treat.