Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, January 31


  • Episode 4

Chuck travels to Baie-Trinité on the Côte-Nord and meets Norbert Fontaine, a very skilled captain from the Innu community Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam, who was one of the firsts Innu to receive his boat captain certificate in the whole province of Quebec in 2000. Norbert invites Chuck to accompany him to fish the valued snow crab on his 50 feet long boat. The crew is all Innu and amongst them we find his two sons: Edward-Vincent and Norbert Jr. who are the next generation to take over their dad’s business. 
Back on the land, Norbert shows Chuck how to break off a crab like a pro. They rip all those big and delicious legs from the fresh crab that they are soon going to eat. They set up a big pot on a fire outside. Norbert tells Chuck that the best way to eat season fresh snow crab is to boil it for just about 10 minutes in sea water and voila! He thinks that when you start eating fresh snow crab you can’t stop and Chuck and Norberts family devour this delicacy as there is no tomorrow!