Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Monday, February 21


  • Episode 7

Chuck visits the community of Mashteuiatsh to fish the landlocked salmon and learn about its importance to this Innu community. Carine Valin and Jean-Pierre Verreault, two passionate fishermen, welcome Chuck and take him on their boat for a fishing trip on Lac Saint-Jean. After a few tries and a storm on the way, they decide it is best to go back to shore.  

Once at the chalet, Jean-Pierre smokes two big landlocked salmons the traditional way while Carine makes a more contemporary dish and cooks the fish in the barbeque seasoned with sweet herbs.  

Chuck also has the opportunity to taste an ancient recipe of broth made with the fish insides and the head that her ancestors gave to babies whose mothers did not have enough milk to feed them.  

The sun is setting at the couple’s chalet as they devour this rare fish with magnificent lake views.