Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Thursday, October 1


Chuck visits Pikogan, an Algonquin community near Amos in Quebec, where Israel, David and other local hunters invite him for a goose hunt. While hunting, Chuck quickly realises that he must be patient, as well as cunning, if he ever hopes to catch a goose. Hunters only have one or two attempts to shoot the bird before it senses the danger and runs away. But Israel and David have the final word and are determined to hunt geese and teach Chuck how their ancestors cooked them over a fire. Chuck is honored to be included in such a special culinary tradition with the community.

Chuck learns how to pluck a goose.

A covered bridge in Pikogan

Wild goose hunting

Waiting for wild geese

Recently hunted wild geese.

Wild goose cooking over the grill

Wild geese cooking over the grill

Wild goose burgers