Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, February 7


  • Episode 5

Chuck heads 10 km north off North Road to visit Nemaska, the smallest Cree community of the region. He meets Anderson Jolly who works as a wildlife technician at the Cree Nation Government. Anderson works in the wild all year long and he’s eager to show Chuck how to hunt ducks. 
They take the camouflaged boat out on the water and they sail to the location where the ducks are. Anderson fires his gun and catches the dead animal that’s left floating on the water. When they have enough prey, they decide it is time to step off the boat and set up a spot on the shore to clean the ducks. They quarter the birds into pieces and grill them to perfection on sticks. After the delicious tasting, the men go back to the community to meet James Wapachee and elder Mary Jolly. James asks Chuck to help him build a smoker with wild tree branches as Mary starts plucking the ducks. Chuck makes a hearty stew he shares with all the community members.