Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Thursday, October 22


  • Episode 8

Chuck travels to the Atikamekw community of Manawan. Along with Odette, Thérèse and Menic, three women united by community ties, Chuck goes foraging for precious wild blueberries. The three women also introduce Chuck to the partridge hunt by making a traditional slingshot with him. Odette, Thérèse and Menic agree to share with Chuck the secret of a blueberry paste and a traditional recipe to preserve the delicious taste of this wild bird. The three women invite their families to celebrate together the generous plates of food, much to Chuck's delight!

Manawan, QC

Wild blueberries

Chuck holding a handmade slingshot.

Chuck stiring the blueberry paste surrounded by Odette Dubé and her family.

Wild partridge in sauce.

Blueberry paste on a piece of bannock.