Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, February 28


  • Episode 8

Chuck travels 800 km North to Mistissini, home of the largest natural lake in the province for an extraordinary fishing experience. He arrives in the community and meets Conrad Mianscum, Mistissini’s tourism planner who tells him all about his growing community of close to 4000 people over a warm coffee. He invites Chuck to take a boat to Osprey Camp and sail through the lake’s immensity. Upon his arrival at the Camp, Chuck is welcomed by fishing guide Ernest. There are four species we can find in this lake but today Chuck will focus on pike. In no time Chuck catches a big northern pike, the biggest he’s ever caught!
Once at the camp, Chuck slices the pike. Ernest makes a comforting Labrador tea. They coat the fish filets with flour and drop them in hot oil. They serve the fish with caramelized onions and potatoes. As they finish their meal Chuck meets Ronald, the camp’s cook. He has invited his mom over at the camp to make some of her famous Indian donuts made out of bannock.