Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, March 21


  • Episode 11

Chuck travels to Ekuanitshit, located on the North Coast of the St-Lawrence river. He is there to meet Rita Mestokosho, a writer, poet and the culture and education councilor in the Innu nation. She meets Chuck on a sandy beach and gives him a taste of what her community is about. She invites Chuck to meet Guy Vigneault, the director of a ten fleet boat that sails in search of the best clams in Quebec.
Guy invites Chuck to board the Maree-Haute and head to sea to see first hand how scallops are harvested. After a long day of fishing, they return to shore. Guy joins Chuck and shows him how he cooks the fresh whelk by simply steaming it with some salt and water. Kateri Napish, a community member, joins them to taste a delicious tomato soup that Chuck makes with the rest of the precious seafood. She shows Chuck a recipe she masters made out of cloudberries. Chuck adds this fruity coulis on fresh scallops and makes his own version of the popular coquilles St. Jacques.