Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Monday, February 28


  • Episode 8

Chuck travels North to meet Quentin Condo, a Micmac who considers Gaspésie his big backyard where he fishes, hunts and harvests everything nature offers him. Chuck learns that the end of May is the perfect time to harvest clams. They head to the closest beach, dig in the sand and pick the freshest clams in the region. When the time comes to cook them, Quentin shows Chuck a unique way he likes to do it. He digs a 4 feet deep hole in the ground and makes a fire inside where they heat rocks collected in the surrounding area. The rocks are then covered with seaweed and they add the clams that get perfectly cooked with this hot stone method. Quentin brings out a few lobsters he had fished the day before and the men enjoy this clambake feast.