Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Monday, October 19


Chuck visits Norma Condo, from Mi’kmaq community of Gesgapegiac in East Quebec. Norma invites Chuck to experience lobster fishing with fisherman Jeremy Jerome and his crew. Chuck is still learning when, back on the beach, Norma offers to take inspiration from traditional techniques for cooking. He uses elements mother nature has provided around them, seaweed and sand! Chuck is amazed by the unique taste of the lobster once cooked and is delighted to see the people gathered around him also appreciating this unforgettable moment.


Lobster fishermen

From left to right: Norma Condo, Chuck and Jeremy Jerome.

Chuck showing a lobster in his hands, with Norma Condo.

Pit baked lobsters with seaweed.

From left to right: Adam Jerome, Norma Condo and Chuck cooking lobsters.


Lobsters, seaweed and luskini'kin (Bannock)