Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen


Tuesday, January 17


  • Episode 2

Chuck drives west to Ontario’s Wikwemikong First Nation.  He heads straight to Anishinabee Russell Trudeau’s garage where he awaits his arrival. Russell is an experienced fisherman who is passionate about ice fishing as he is about keeping traditional skills alive and passing them on to future generations. Chuck notices Russell has all the tools to have a successful fishing day. He is definitely in good hands with him!
It is time to head for the lake. Upon their arrival, the duo is joined by Russell’s brother Romeo, as they surely need some extra help in the placing of the jigger. As they need to wait a few hours until the fish are caught, the men go back to Russell’s house to eat something and gather some strength after the arduous task. 
Finally, the fishing has proved fruitful and the men start cleaning the fish to start cooking. They prepare a hearty soup that the Trudeau’s family enjoy outside on this beautiful sunny day.