Chuck and the First Peoples' Kitchen

Explore the foods
and traditions of the First Peoples

With chef Chuck Hughes

Tuesdays at 7h30 PM

Eager to learn more about culinary traditions used all over Turtle Island, Chef Chuck Hughes is welcomed into various Indigenous Communities in hopes of expanding his cooking horizons. Chuck is introduced to supply techniques, is taught traditional recipes, and becomes a privileged witness to precious knowledge shared by Indigenous peoples on their land.

Chuck Hughes

Chef Chuck Hughes is the co-owner and executive chef of Montreal hot-spot Garde Manger. He is the star of such television shows as Chuck’s Day Off, Chuck’s Week Off, Chuck’s Eat The Street, À couteaux tirés, Le monde selon Chuck and Chuck & Danny’s Road Trip. He has also produced two best-selling cookbooks (“Garde Manger”, “Chuck’s Day Off”) and a line of cookware and fine food products.


Chuck travels to Ontario to meet Norman, an expert in nature interpretation for the French River area.